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Carryminati Net Worth 2024 (Ajey Nagar) – YouTube Income, Salary, Biography, Career and more.

Ajey Nagar, also known as Carryminati net worth is estimated to be around $7 million which is around 56 crore in Indian Rupees according to various report.

Carryminati, also known as Ajey Nagar, is a popular Indian YouTuber and internet personality. With his unique style of content creation, he has garnered a massive following and has become one of the most influential creators in India. Apart from his entertaining videos, Carryminati has also amassed significant wealth throughout his career. In this article, we will delve into Carryminati net worth, his biography, early life, net worth growth, career, YouTube income, car collection, awards, and more.

Ajey Nagar aka Carryminati Net Worth 2024

Carryminati net worth is estimated to be around 65 crore. This impressive wealth can be attributed to his successful YouTube career, brand endorsements, merchandise sales, and various other business ventures.

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Carryminati Profile (Income and Salary)

Net Worth$7 Million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees56 Crore +
Monthly Income50 lakh
Annual Income6 Crore +
Income SourceYouTube , brand endorsements, merchandise sales, Collaboration


Ajey Nagar, popularly known as Carryminati, was born on June 12, 1999, in Faridabad, Haryana, India. He developed a passion for creating content at a young age and started his YouTube channel in 2014. Initially, he focused on video game commentaries and roasting videos, which gained him a dedicated fan base.

Carry Minati (Ajey Nagar) Stats (Age, Height)

Ajey Nagar Age24 years (as of 2024)
Ajey Nagar Heightin centimeters – 165 cm
in meters – 1.65 m
in feet inches – 5’5”
Ajey Nagar Weight (Approx.)in kilograms – 55 kg
in pounds – 121 lbs
Eye colorBlack
Date of Birth12 June 1999

Net Worth Growth

Carryminati net worth has experienced a significant surge over the years. As his popularity grew, so did his earnings. With millions of subscribers and billions of views on his YouTube videos, Carryminati has been able to attract lucrative brand deals and sponsorships. Carryminati net worth has seen remarkable growth, thanks to his strong online presence and entrepreneurial endeavors.


Carryminati career can be described as a rollercoaster ride filled with immense popularity, controversies, and unprecedented success. He gained widespread recognition through his YouTube channel, which has become one of the most subscribed and viewed channels in India.

Carryminati initially started his channel in 2014 with the intention of creating content related to video games. He uploaded gameplay videos, commentaries, and humorous sketches that resonated with the gaming community. However, it was his roasting videos that catapulted him to fame. Carryminati’s roasts became immensely popular, as he fearlessly took on various topics and individuals, using his quick wit and sharp humor to entertain his viewers.

These roasting videos not only attracted millions of views but also garnered a substantial following for Carryminati. His unique style of delivery, witty comebacks, and unabashed humor struck a chord with the youth, who appreciated his bold and unfiltered approach. Carryminati’s popularity soared, and he soon became a sensation in the online space.

Over time, Carryminati expanded his content repertoire to include comedy sketches, reaction videos, rants, and social commentary. He showcased his versatility as a content creator and continued to engage his audience with his relatable and entertaining videos. His ability to connect with viewers and address relevant issues in a humorous yet impactful way contributed to his ever-growing fan base.

Carryminati’s career also witnessed its fair share of controversies. Some of his videos faced backlash and were subject to criticism for their content. However, Carryminati addressed these controversies with resilience and used them as opportunities to learn and grow as a content creator.

Apart from his YouTube career, Carryminati has also ventured into music. He released his first rap song, “Yalgaar,” in 2020, which garnered millions of views within a short period. The song showcased his lyrical skills and his ability to captivate his audience through music.

With each passing year, Carryminati continues to grow and evolve as a content creator. His ability to adapt to changing trends and cater to the ever-evolving preferences of his audience has contributed to his sustained success. Carryminati’s career serves as an inspiration to aspiring content creators, demonstrating the power of creativity, authenticity, and a strong connection with one’s audience in achieving remarkable success in the digital realm.

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YouTube Income

Carryminati’s primary source of income comes from his YouTube channel. He earns revenue through advertisements, sponsored content, and brand partnerships. With a massive subscriber base and high engagement on his videos, his YouTube income has been a significant contributor to his overall net worth. As per social blade, his estimated to monthly income from only YouTube advertisement is ranges from $12.6K to $201.8K which is around 10 lakh to 1.6 crore. He earns also through sponsored content, brand partnership, collaboration etc. which arrive at estimated monthly income of Rs 50 to 60 lakh.

YouTube Subscriber Milestone

Subscriber MilestoneYear
1,000 subscribers2014
10,000 subscribers2015
100,000 subscribers2016
1 million subscribers2017
10 million subscribers2020 (February)
20 million subscribers2020 (June)
30 million subscribers2021
40 million subscribers2023
41.4 million subscribers2024 (March)

Car Collection

Carryminati is known to be a car enthusiast and has a passion for luxury and high-performance vehicles. His car collection includes several notable cars such as Audi Q7, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and BMW 6 Series. These luxury cars not only showcase his success but also reflect his love for automobiles.

Awards and Accolades

Carryminati has received several accolades for his contributions to the digital entertainment industry. He has won numerous awards, including the YouTube Creator Award, Social Media Icon of the Year, and the Streamy Award for Live Streamer. These awards recognize his talent, influence, and impact on the online community.

Carryminati Social Media (YouTube/Instagram/ Facebook/Twitter)

YouTube41.4 million
Instagram20.9 million
Facebook1.3 million
Twitter3 million
Last updatedMarch 2024

Interesting Facts

  • Carryminati has also ventured into the world of music. He has released several rap songs, including “Bye Pewdiepie,” “Zindagi,” and “Yalgaar,” which have garnered millions of views on YouTube.
  • Carryminati had the opportunity to collaborate with Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan for a video titled “When Amitabh Bachchan Gets Trolled,” where they engaged in a humorous conversation.
  • Book Publication: Carryminati released his book titled “Triggered: The Biography of Carryminati” in 2020. The book offers insights into his life, journey, and experiences as a YouTuber.
  • Carryminati has also used his platform for philanthropic initiatives. He has contributed to various causes and has been involved in fundraising campaigns for charitable organizations.


Carryminati’s journey from a young content creator to a multi-millionaire is a testament to his talent, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit. With a thriving YouTube channel, lucrative brand endorsements, and a devoted fan base, he has achieved remarkable success. Carryminati net worth continues to grow as he expands his reach and explores new opportunities. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring creators, highlighting the potential for success in the digital age.

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FAQ related to Carryminati Net Worth

What is the net worth of Carryminati?

As on 2024, Carryminati net worth is estimated to be around $7 million which is in Indian Rupees 56 crore (approx.)

What is Carryminati YouTube income per month?

Carryminati estimated monthly income from YouTube is Rs 30 to 40 lakh

What is the age of Carryminati aka Ajey Nagar?

As on March 2024, Carryminati aka Ajey Nagar is 24 years old.

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